CMC shall undertake the task of organizing the credit and monetary institutions in Syrian Arab Republic and coordinating its actions in order to achieve the goals mentioned below within its authority and within the general economic orientations of the State approved by the cabinet:

  1. Developing and regulating the monetary and financial market in accordance with the needs of the national economy.
  2. Maintaining the purchasing power of Syrian currency.
  3. stabilize the exchange rate of Syrian currency and secure the freedom to convert it to other currencies.
  4. Expanding the possibilities of using resources and energies and working on the development of national income.

Composition of Credit and monetary council:

Pursuant to the provisions of Decree No. 250 of 15/7/2013, CMC shall form as follows:

  • Governor of the Central Bank of Syria

Dr. Dareed Dergham: Chairman.

  • Chairman of the Planning and International Cooperation Authority
    Imad Abdul Ghani Al-Sabouni;
  • First Governor Deputy of the Central Bank of Syria

      Dr. Hazem Karfoul

  • Minister of Finance deputy for expenditure affairs

Professor Manhal Nader Hanawi.

  • Expert: Dr. George Al – Awzan.
  • Expert: Dr. Riad Al – Daoudi.
  • Expert: Dr. Yasser Almashaal.
  • Expert: Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al – Qasim.
  • Expert: Batul Rida.