How can the deactivated currency be exchanged? Is there any commission, and what is it?

Directly from the switch points at the Central Bank and its branches in the governorates if the exchange conditions stipulated in the Basic Law No. 23 of 2002 are met:

The area of the paper presented for replacement should be more than three fifths of the original paper area.

The paper should include the required signatures of the bank Kamelin.  - The paper should include a full serial number.To contain a definite indication of their nominal value.

 The Bank does not charge any commission for the exchange of these banknotes that meet the conditions, except for the 500 SP and over the 2013 issue and beyond where a 100 SP commission is charged directly to the exchange of each banknote intentionally deformed or As a result of negligence.

    Basic Money Law No. 23 of 2002.

    Monetary and Credit Council Resolution No. 115 of 30/8/2017.

  • If the banknotes are distorted due to force majeure factors (fire - erosion due to humidity and poor storage of mites ----), they may be submitted to the Central Bank of Syria for replacement as a force majeure statement accompanied by police control and written authorization of amounts exceeding 5000 Amounts equal to or less than / 5000 / SP may be provided for replacement without police control.

The Bank shall receive a commission of 10% on the amount approved for payment